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What Are The Best Songs To Listen To While Mowing The Lawn?

I had asked this question on twitter the past few weeks and got a bunch of great suggestions. 

So I decided to assemble a playlist of the best songs to listen to while mowing the lawn. What classifies a good song that you can mow the lawn you? It's got a meet a few criteria:

  • Must be best consumed on max volume
  • Must be tolerable so it isn't likely to be skipped by the listener/have enjoyable quality throughout entire song
  • Should be able to recite all/most of the words
  • Song starting fast (preferred)

Appropriately dubbed "Lawn Mowing Jams" on spotify. Take a listen with me while we make our homes look presentable to the outside world. NOTE: Playlist should be enjoyed on shuffle but also in a weird (no particular) order so kind of shuffle anyway.

UPDATE: Not sure why the above link not working, but link in tweet here should be good:

Did I miss any? Hit up the comments or tweet me anything that was neglected and if appropriate I'll add it to the list.