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Bryson DeChambeau Had A DISASTROUS 15th Hole At The Memorial, Argued About A Fence And Ended Up Making A 10

Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 5.54.22 PM.png

The 2020 content machine that is Bryson DeChambeau strikes again! Holy shit man! A 10! A 10! What a beautiful disaster that hole was for Bryson. Just when you thought it was done being as crazy as it could be, it got even crazier. A 10! It's honestly gonna be hard to show everything that happened because the PGA Tour is a bit......strict when it comes to putting up videos of the broadcast that aren't theirs sooooooooo it's gonna be a bit limited.

Actually here's a good video I found on Twitter (it might get taken down)


Absolute madness. There's so much there. So many questions. Why did he use that club out of the thick ass rough? Why didn't he just take his medicine and pitch it back into the fairway? Why did he then keep peppering that poor person's backyard with golf balls? Did he really ask for a second opinion from a different rules official? How mad is he gonna be that the camera stayed on him for so long and potentially damaged his #brand? Did the second rules official then have to explain what a fence is? Why was Bryson so concerned about the color of the fence? I've truly never seen anything like that. It took so long for Bryson to finish the hole that we had multiple commercial breaks before the ball made its way into the hole. 

Then there was a very relatable moment from Bryson as he counted his strokes

That is BY FAR the most relatable Bryson has ever been

Followed by a very unrelateable moment where his caddie tried to block a cameraman from getting a shot of his spiraling golfer 

It might be time Bryson fully leans into the villain role. There's no going back at this point and he's already 98% there anyway. He is really something man. Bryson isn't doing himself any favors in the likability department but he's must-see TV every week. Hate him or love him, he always does something that makes you go, "What the fuck is happening right now!" We always say golf needs more personalities and boy do we have one in Bryson DeChambeau. Thanks to that 15th hole meltdown he's going to miss the cut but he'll grab all the headlines. I cannot WAIT for his post-round press conference.

Maybe he's a hero after all?