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Hearing Antoine Walker Talk About Paul Pierce Fills My Heart With Joy

OK who's cutting onions in my blogging station right now? Very rude of you. Despite that being only around a 2 minute clip it was more than enough to bring back a wave of emotions. I would argue that personally, few players had more of an impact on my Celtics fandom than Antoine and Paul. They were icons for anyone who is around my age and had to grow up in the dogshit years that were 90s Celtics basketball. Walker showed up in 1996 and Pierce in 1998 and this team went from being unable to win over 39 games to the ECF in a blink of an eye. That 2001-02 run was honestly the highlight of my Celtics fandom until the 2008 title. None of that happens without those two. Remember this?

Chills on chills on chills. To this day I still want to know the unfiltered version of what Antoine said in that huddle. So forgive me, but when I hear him talking about his relationship with Pierce I can't help but get sentimental. It still makes me mad that Walker was traded with Tony Delk for basically Raef LaFrentz and Jiri Welsch as well as the pick that they used to select LeBron's dad in 2004. I hate to say it, but that one did not work out for Trader Danny.

But seeing as how it's Friday afternoon, let's spend some time to remember the good times between these two. What a duo