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Taking You Into The Weekend With 30 Awesome Damian Lillard Plays

You may have heard but yesterday was Damian Lillard's 30th birthday so what better way to head into the weekend than to relive the best 30 plays of his career? Exactly. Dame highlights fucking rule. I think it's pretty cool that a ton of these moments are game winners or big pressure shots because that's what I think of when I think of Lillard. The dude is a big time player who rises to the occasion in big time moments. A humble guy who doesn't talk shit for the most part and lets his game do then talking. He's one of the best players in the league from 35 feet and the confidence he has taking those shots is something I strive for in life. 

Looking back, it seems silly that as a player in terms of respect and recognition Dame always seemed to get overlooked. The guy put up two different seasons, one averaging 25 a game and the other 27 a game and didn't make the All Star team. How is that even possible? One of those he made All NBA 2nd team, so how can you be a top 10 player and not make the All Star roster? The year he averaged 27 a game he didn't make All NBA or All Star. That feels wrong. 

I also love how loyal he is to Portland and how often he reiterates that he isn't about that super team life. Not something we really see from a player of his caliber. I can't wait to see what he's able to do in the bubble and if he can carry the Blazers to a potential play in against MEM, because the Morant vs Dame battle would be pretty damn electric.