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The Hawks' New Uniforms Leaked and They Are CLEAN

It's hard to ever know going into any given season what the Atlanta Hawks' colors are, let alone their uniforms, because they've changed four or five times just in my lifetime. When I was a kid, we were red and yellow. Then it was red and blue for a while. Then it was red and neon green.

And now we're back where we started.

But I'm glad that's the case because this look is classic and clean. For all the times they've changed recently, I'm glad the Hawks pulled from the Dominque Wilkinsera for these uniforms, because everything about the franchise back then is what it should strive to be now — minus losing to the Celtics every year in the playoffs.

And while I do like the Jordan logo instead of the Nike logo — is the whole league going to Jordan? — celebrating the Dominique era with one of the two players responsible for him being the most underrated player in the history of professional basketball is a bit of a jab. But whatever, it looks cool.

The Hawks should never change colors again. I love the black thrown in there, but it should be red and yellow for the rest of time. I actually didn't hate the neon look for a few years, but nobody is ever going to win an NBA title wearing "volt."

This look screams "championship contender in 2022" to me. Imagine Trae Young, John Collins, Cam Reddish and Anthony Edwards/James Wiseman/Isaac Okoro pulling up on your squad wearing these and tell me you're not intimidated. You can't.

Keep the baby blue throwbacks and we now have the best unis in the league. Let's ride.