Couple Notices Honey Dripping Down Wall After Storm, Turns Out The Honey Is From The 20,000 to 30,000 Bees Living In Their Home

There are few things in life as jarring as hearing a *bzzz* fly by your ear on a warm summer day. That's because no one wants to fuck with bees. A bee sting will ruin your day, potentially your week. As soon as that buzzing noise passes my ears, it's an instant freak out. Running, screaming, the whole nine. Being on a honeybee's bad side? Literally could not be this guy. As someone. who claims to be somewhat of an alpha male, I happen to get alpha'd quite a lot by little insects. 

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A Pennsylvania couple didn't know they had house guests until lines of fresh honey started dripping down the walls of their home's mudroom.

Andrea Isabell and her husband Justin have lived in their 100-year-old home in Perkasie for five years and told CNN they haven't had any major issues with it, apart from run-of-the-mill repairs that come with owning an older home.

On Friday, Andrea said her neighborhood received heavy rain from Tropical Storm Fay, so they thought the streams coming down the wall of their mudroom were from water damage.

Credit to this couple for noticing the honey. Based on the picture above, I would've just chalked that up as normal residue from the rain. Never once would I think that was honey. That's one of those things you just kind of see and think "huh, that's different" only to never think about it ever again. 

It's surprising that all the people who did work on the house never noticed. Personally, if I saw that many bees in someone else's home, I don't think I'd tell them either. Not because I wanna see these people get stung to death by honeybees. It's more so because those bees will sting anyone. It's not my place to deal with the bees nor is it my duty to report them. Just minding my own business, hightailing it out of there once the job is complete. Once again, I will not be stung.

"We've never heard any buzzing or anything," Andrea said. "When we saw the stream coming down the wall, we just kind of worked our way up."

Allan Lattanzi, a general contractor and beekeeper for eight years, looked at the home Saturday and estimated the colony has anywhere from 20,000 to 30,000 bees.

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What a fucking nightmare. Is there anything worse than hearing:

"sir you have 20,000 to 30,000 bees living in your home"

Can't think of something I'd wanna hear less. That's gotta be the downside to, ya know, buying a hundred-year-old house. You could just find out that thousands of bees have been living in your house for the duration of your ownership. Honestly, who knows how long those little bastards have been lurking in the depths of this home. Feels like something that should've been disclosed before the house was sold. Who knows, maybe these THIRTY THOUSAND bees have just been living in secrecy this entire time.

How does one even deal with that many bees? Do you call an exterminator or a beekeeper? Not quite sure but you'd have to lean beekeeper, no? Someone who knows how to handle a couple of bees, not just piss them off by spraying poison at them. That just seems like the recipe for a zillion bee stings to the face. Hopefully, this couple can deal with the bees and not end up getting hurt.