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If You Had Reports Of Devin Booker Being Upset With The Suns Front Office For Your Knicks Trade Bingo, Come On Down!

And here's phase two of how every good player and the Knicks rumor happens. It started a couple weeks ago with this report: 

This is what us Knicks fan know as the start of hell. You see the original report that a couple of certain players want to team up and save the Knicks. Perhaps they have ties to someone on the coaching staff, front office, from New York, etc. There's always that easy play. 

But then step two is this. 'Well they are upset with their current situation. They don't like their current coach. Yada yada yada.' That's why I laugh when this report about Devin Booker comes up. This is old news! We all knew he was upset when the Suns didn't sign D'Angelo Russell. They are boys and they wanted to play together, not exactly shocking to be upset when you feel like you didn't make an effort to land him and got Ricky Rubio instead. 

But let's go ahead and get back to Devin Booker being tied to Leon Rose. This is how Knicks hell works. Booker doesn't end up in New York, the Knicks sign a JV version of him and then go 20-62. Oh and then they miss out on the top pick because the lottery fucks them. Great times! Can't wait to see Devin Booker stay a Sun!