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Every Soccer Match Needs to Be Commentated by This Announcer Who Sounds Like Borat

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I've recently taken up FIFA — I'm currently mastering my in-air through balls — so I've been thinking about possibly becoming somewhat of a soccer guy if I could find a team I like. Well I will pledge right now to become the world's No. 1 fan of whatever team this announcer works for.

Can you imagine turning on your TV every time this team plays and getting to listen to Borat? It's like when Ron Burgundy shows up in the booth at some game in Los Angeles, except it's all the time. It's the gift that keeps on giving all season.

And Borat content will never not be funny. That movie came out in 2006 and is still hysterical.

So I will be doing some research into CSKA Moscow and possibly watching every match from now on so I can hear this guy all the time. You can keep Vin Scully and Bob Uecker, I want Soccer Borat.