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The Crease Dive's PLL Championship Series Preview Featuring Redwoods Goalie Tim Troutner


Saturday July 25, 2020. 4pm ET. NBC. The Rematch. Redwoods vs Whipsnakes. A chance for Tim Troutner to move on and finally put this one behind him. 

We're just a week away from the start of it all. 2 weeks of pro lacrosse on a national tv broadcast pretty much every single day. 7 teams, 20 games, approximately 5 billion beers consumed on the couch for all of us watching at home. Moral of the story is that it's about to be rad as heck. 

So on this week's episode of the podcast, we had Tim Troutner from the Redwoods make his return to the show to talk to us about what he's been up to, getting ready for the tournament, how many Instagram photos he's about to fire off with the scenery in Utah, his diet, getting over that Rambo game winner and why you should bet on the 'Woods to roll in 2020. 

We also get into some stripper talk, our Championship Series preview, and we also make our picks for the PLL Championship Series Bracket Challenge. You know I'm rolling with the Dawgs. But you can make your own picks and sign up to enter The Crease Dive's Bracket Challenge pool right here. The winner of the pool gets the greasiest ball I can find in my bucket. It might be a Maverick ball from 2009, so it'll be worth something one day. Vintage. 

Listen to S3E15 of The Crease Dive here on iTunes:

Listen to S3E15 of The Crease Dive here on Spotify: 

Have yourselves a weekend, boys and girls. It's the last one of these we'll have to endure without lacrosse, so just stay strong and we'll see all you legends next week for the start of the tournament.