Mr. Kraft Reportedly Met with ARod and JLo About Buying the Mets

Remember back in April, when Mr. Kraft delivered PPE to the medical people of New York City during their most desperate hour, and was rightfully hailed as a hero?

And then, in a matter of days, the sports media in New York begged him not to stop there, but to also save them from the incompetence of one of the worst ownerships in all of sports?

Well, reportedly their little erotic dream of having the best owner in sports come riding in once again to save the day was closer to a reality than I thought possible:

Source - If Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez end up owning the Mets, they will have help learning how to run a sports franchise from the people who operate one of the most successful ones in any sport.

According to multiple sources who witnessed the visit, J-Rod flew to Foxborough, Mass., on July 9 to meet with Bob and Jonathan Kraft, father-and-son owners of the New England Patriots, to hammer out a partnership on stadium operations for Citi Field and the development of Willets Point around the ballpark. …

Per insiders, the visit lasted five hours, during which the Krafts showed J-Rod around both Gillette Stadium and their adjoining entertainment, retail and hospitality complex, Patriot Place. The tour was meant to show the potential new Mets owners what can be done with a stadium and the undeveloped land around it. 

The Krafts’ Foxborough complex is approximately a 40-minute drive from downtown Boston, and Patriot Place — which contains a movie theater, a hotel and restaurants — is designed to keep Patriots fans entertained and spending money before and after games.

As The Post has reported, J-Rod’s vision of Mets ownership involves turning Willets Point into a destination, leveraging Lopez’s brand as an entertainer to book concerts and keep fans in the area after games at bars, eateries and shops. 

So according to the insiders in this report, it was all about showing ARod and JLo around. Basically giving them the walking tour of the stadium and the retail, dining and entertainment mecca my pal RKK build out of a crater-filled dirt parking lot beginning in 2002 with the opening of Gillette. Demonstrating to them how it can be done. A courtesy, from onne superstar to two others,  and not necessarily talking to them about joining their ownership group. 

That works for me. Though I imagine it's small comfort to the NY Post writer who said,

Kraft should ride his wave of New York love all the way to serious discussions with the Wilpons, whose efforts to sell the Mets to Steve Cohen unraveled worse than Rich Kotite’s tenure as Jets head coach. The 78-year-old Kraft could be just the savior the Mets and their emotionally weathered fans need.

Yeah, sorry NYC and your emotionally weathered fans. RKK has been a savior to one fanbase. He's already turned the worst franchise in all of North American sports into an empire. That's enough for one lifetime. When Genghis Khan turned a population of competing nomadic Mongolian tribes into an empire that stretched across the landmass of Asia, it's not like the Incan people asked him to come to South America and build them an empire too. They worked hard, applied themselves, and built their own. 

So back off. I'd rather see RKK put his non-Patriots time into the Revolution, his eSports team and his philanthropy. After all, he does enough charity work without taking care of the Mets, too. 

The hardest part in all of this had to be Rodriguez and Lopez walking around the facility at Patriots Place and realizing they weren't the biggest superstars in their own group. It happens wherever Mr. Kraft goes.