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'I Ain't See Nothing, I Didn't Hear Nothing And I Ain't Say Nothing' - Ja Morant Is Absolutely Refusing To Snitch On Dudes In The Bubble

You hear that sound? That's the sound of every single person in the bubble hitting up Ja Morant to be best friends. That's a dude you want in your corner. You want to sneak in some food or an IG model? By all means use Ja Morant, because he's REFUSING to snitch. Just further proof this guy is the Rookie of the Year no doubt about it. Zion left the bubble for a family emergency, Ja is out here saying he's refusing to snitch. I'm sure he'll get a letter from the NBA or something, but the man has code. 

It's important to have someone like Ja. Again, I want nothing but mayhem with this snitch hotline. So you need the balance of dudes (cough, cough Chris Paul) who will call at all times vs dudes like Ja who are walking around blind and deaf. It'll hopefully only lead to more content and more stories coming out. 

That's why Ja is so important. I need a story to come out where a vet tried snitching on him for being a pal. Plus Ja just shows that every group has someone like him. There's one person in every group of friends who is like this. Need me to lie? No problem. I got your back. Not going to say a word. 

Either way, shout out Ja. The dude is awesome and going to be an absolute star in this league. Just ridiculously talented.