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Dylan Cease DOMINATED The White Sox Last Night

Confession: I missed the intrasquad game last night because I was out with a girl (not to brag), but every time I sneaked a look at my phone, I was getting blown up by people saying Dylan Cease looked like Max Scherzer. That he looked so good that for at least one night and one night only, we could forget about Michael Kopech opting out of the season for personal reasons because Dylan Cease looked like he was going to fill his spot seamlessly. 

I mean look at these pitches:


That's a straight up devastating breaking pitch... but don't forget, Dylan Cease pairs that pitch with a 100MPH fastball too:

Consider this blog this… a little primer for what's to come this year. I will be shoving this team down the entire world's throats as much as humanly possible this summer and beyond. There is so much goddamn talent on the south side right now that you all should appreciate that, too. From Cease through the entire lineup to Luis Robert and their bullpen.

Pray. For. The League.

Nobody gives a shit about the White Sox, but you BETTER respect their roster. It's going to be scary good for a long time.