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23 More Random Sentences

  • I could dunk a basketball until I was 35.
  • I liked Cheers with Rebecca Howe more than I liked Cheers with Diane Chambers.
  • Thanks, Dave.
  • I only eat Bugles as a road trip snack but every time I have them, I wonder why I don't eat Bugles more often.
  • Guest Thought, Nick Turani: Nobody reads these you stupid fuck.
  • Nick Turani looks like Weakest Link host Ann Robinson.


  • The top 3 game show hosts of all-time are Bob Barker, Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak.
  • It really makes me feel special when I'm walking through the freezer aisle of the grocery store and the automatic lights pop on just because I'm walking by.
  • The smell of weed reminds me of playing ball in the yard with my dad when I was six and oh man that sounds troubling when I say it out loud.
  • My favorite Netflix series is Narcos.
  • The West Wing is one of my top 5 favorite TV shows of all-time.
  • I never understood what the big deal was about Allen Iverson stepping over Ty Lue in the 2001 Finals. He hit a baseline jumper and then carefully stepped over him so why is this iconic?
  • Even though I'm 41 years old and I know eating it is a bad idea, I still get a brief adrenaline rush of excitement when McDonald's hands me my kids' happy meal through the window.
  • The people that bid $651 after someone bids $650 on The Price is Right are complete assholes.
  • Victor Newman might be the coolest TV character ever created.
  • Hootie and The Blowfish was so fuckin' great in the 90's.
  • Tiger Woods 05 for the PS2 is incredible and sports video games are technically better but just not as fun as they used to be.
  • This fucked me up as a kid
  • In my mind, I relive key at-bats in little league - good and bad - at least twice a day.
  • The best crowd we had for the Barstool College Football Show last year was Wisconsin.
  • The best fast-food fried chicken spot is not Popeye's or KFC, it's Bojangles.
  • Bright Lights by Matchbox 20 is an incredibly underrated song.