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This Picture Of Daniel Jones, Cam Newton, Odell Beckham Jr, And Playboi Carti (?) In A Crop Top With Boots Is A Work Of Art

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You guys know I only save this gif for special pictures and videos

Holy shit, there are more questions than answers when it comes to this masterpiece. Namely Who, What, When, Why, Where, And How. I'm not even sure where this picture came from. My first instinct says it fell from heaven. However since I can't be sure, I couldn't use it as a thumbnail since KFC has gotten Barstool sued for copyright infringement more times than Odell Beckham has been on TMZ.

In an attempt to shed some light on this manly Mona Lisa, I put on my thinking cap and cracked some of the code of what actually went down this day.

1. Daniel Jones' team CLEARLY won based on Cam's reaction of seeing the future of his position play out in person.

It didn't matter that Cam was throwing to some of the best wide receivers on the planet with a haircut from the year 2120 while my sweet Daniel was in his finest Kohl's gear throwing to some Plaiboi Carti looking dude dressed in a crop top and boots like one of Prince's teammates from The Revolution against Charlie Murphy and his boys.

To be clear, I have no idea if that is Playboi Carti or not since I don't know who the fuck Playboi Carti actually is

My guy(s) Daniel said it best:

Game, blouses.

2. Odell clearly knows he fucked up racking up three strikes with the Giants front office and getting shipped out of New York right before Daniel Jones came in.

3. I don't know why Matthew McConaughey was there

By the looks of it, he may be playing the role of Jay Glazer in an upcoming film or maybe trying to keep his athlete connections fresh to help any future Longhorn recruiting efforts. But I guarantee everyone was happy because despite being around some of the biggest names and coolest cats in the world, Wooderson is still the guy giving the post workout inspiration speech because that's what McConaughey does.