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Wake Up With Some Good Ol' Shaqtin' A Fool

It's Friday, the long week is coming to an end, you deserve to chuckle quietly to yourself this morning and few things do that better than some Shaqtin' A Fool. By far one of my most favorite segments on Inside The NBA, it delivers year after year without fail. As exciting as it is for basketball to be coming back for all the sweet plays we've been waking up with recently, the dunks and the passing and the blocks, we can't forget about the bloopers. 

The best part about these is that nobody is safe. You can be a low level bench player or LeBron, everyone has their Shaqtin moment. It's sort of like your initiation into the NBA world. Maybe it's my simple brain but I will forever love the Inside The NBA crew laughing and shitting on these guys as they make outrageous plays. It will always play no matter the season, and that's why they are the GOATs of television.