Wake Up With Prince Fielder BOOKING It Around The Bases For An Inside The Park Homer

Prince Fielder was always one of those players I loved watching. Was kinda sneaky fast for how thicc he was, could hit some absolute rockets, and even ate nachos out of a fans hands once. He was just a good old fashioned big boy who loved hitting bombs. Sometimes he would hit them so high that fielders would love them in the Metrodome ceiling, and he'd run his chubby self around the bases. Fielder could tell right away that the fielder was gonna have trouble with that ball. That's why you hustle out of the box, kids. He knew he had chance at extra bases and he took advantage. I mean I was out of breath watching him round third and finish that trek home. Easily could have spiked the bat, put his head down and jog to first, but nope, he followed the play and was rewarded with the inside the park donger. Wish we got to see his full career because he would have put up some great home run numbers, probably over 500. Long live Prince! 

Enjoy your Friday, friends.