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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Welcomes Its First Ever Trans Model

I was waiting to blog this because I thought I was going to interview her on 10 Questions, but it turns out GMA was the only interview she was giving. Valentina has a fascinating story that you can read about in the below tweet...

It's tough not to feel empathy towards her given how difficult her upbringing was in Brazil. 23 years old and she's experienced a lot of life. Since SI Swimsuit Edition is more or less about models, here are a bunch of photos on Valentina:

Babe city. You can check out more of her on her IG here. Also, Barstool Breakfast interviewed two other SI models this week- Hunter McGrady and Haley Kalil both of whom were awesome. I'd like to say that I'm going to buy the magazine, but I'm not. Maybe if one is laying around the office I'll check it out. Congrats to all the ladies who made the cut.