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Which 3 Christopher Nolan Movies Would You Delete FOREVER?

Column A: This fucking sucks, but I'm going with Inception. Both movies are incredibly entertaining, but the Ledger performance takes TDK over the edge. 

Column B: Memento is the best of the three, so it really comes down to Dunkirk vs Interstellar. I like Dunkirk a lot, but I found it very slow at times which isn't normally what I expect from Nolan. Interstellar has its own problems as well, but I just like it more. Make sure to listen to our interview with Wes Bentley btw, because I got to ask him what it was like getting OBLITERATED by that giant wave in the movie. 



Column C:  The Dark Knight Rises and I don't really have to give it a second thought. The Prestige is incredibly underrated, as is Insomnia while TDKR was sort of a let down. Thats not to say it's a bad movie, it just had an impossible task. 

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