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The Mets Are About To Go Undefeated At Home This Season With These Cardboard Cutouts Of Stu Feiner And Frank The Tank Behind Home Plate At Citi Field

During all my years on this Earth, I always thought cardboard was incapable of making sound. But all I can hear while just staring at a picture of that cardboard cutout is Stu Feiner screaming his guts out and Citi Field probably had to replace one of their Noise Meters after Cardboard Stu shattered it. 

Coronavirus may have robbed most teams of every homefield advantage that isn't getting to sleep in your own bed and not having to travel hundreds of miles for a game. But the Mets will be the one team in baseball that have the noise of sold out stadium of 42,000 coming from one single piece of cardboard that was purchased for $86. Good luck trying to locate your breaking pitches as Uncle Stu unloads on you. Best bargain since Mike Trout was on his rookie deal.

And in case the sight and sound of Stu Feiner rolling all over you wasn't bad enough, you have his stoic tag team partner staring a hole through you.


Frank is Citi Field's silent guardian. A watchful protector.

*thinks about every video Frank has ever done about the Mets here at Barstool*

OK, Frank's cutout may actually work against the Mets considering his history with the team.

Hopefully Cardboard Stu puts the fear of God in the opposition as we roll to a coronaseries title.