Waka Flocka Has Announced His Candidacy For President Of The United States


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RS - In a high-level meeting with Rolling Stone today, on April 20th, 2015, Waka declared his candidacy for the next President of the United States, with DJ Whoo Kid as his running mate. Watch his campaign announcement video exclusively at RollingStone.com. As president, Waka would immediately legalize marijuana. (Happy 4/20!) He would also ban dogs in restaurants and impose harsh restrictions on the big-footed. He also discusses innovative new policy proposals on education, jobs, Congressional reform and more.


This is a man who keeps his word. I’m impressed he remembered he tweeted that way back in 2012. I can’t tell you what I had for lunch yesterday but Mr. Flocka remembered something from 3 years ago. Impressive.

However, I must say this now, fuck you Waka Flocka Flame. No dogs in restaurants? Is that a black people thing? Because the only times I’ve seen dogs in restaurants is when they’re all cute n shit. So I’m imagining it as a black people thing I don’t know about where dogs are just running wild all around restaurants on MLK Boulevard.

So I’m not sure about him. I’m going to keep my options open and see what other candidates declare they are running.