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The Jazz Have Entered The Bubble's Beer Shotgun Challenge And Jordan Clarkson Claimed The Throne With A Tall Boy Chug

I've said it before, but this is what I'm here for if we're not get gambling stories out of the bubble. Give me shotgunning contests - which was all set up by the guys running the Bubble Life twitter account and JJ Redick: 

An impressive chug, no doubt about it, especially for someone from Duke. That actually is one of the crazier stories of this all. Think of where JJ was when he was at Duke. There wasn't person in the world (sans Duke fans) who liked him. He was the worst. His stupid cut off shirt underneath his jersey. His stupid arrogance. I hated him so goddamn much. But then he got to the NBA and let his personality show and he's one of the more entertaining people off the court. 

But he got put to shame by Meyers Leonard: 


I still can't get over how tiny that can looks in his hand. Just a giant of a human. But this brings me to the Utah Jazz - Jordan Clarkson and Royce O'Neale. Congrats to Jordan Clarkson for taking the crown. You show up with a tall boy Corona and delete it like that, you dominate the giant chugging his Coors Light. We'll ignore Royce O'Neale taking forever to drink, this is about Jordan Clarkson taking the challenge. Even a little Dana beer can head smash. 

Fuck it, let's get one rep from each team and get a little challenge going. Give me that until games get underway. 

PS: We've all been there/know a friend who is Royce O'Neale here. The chug is done and he's still got 3/4 left just a finger up saying give me a second.