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Welp, Zion Is Leaving The Bubble For A Family Emergency And We Have No Idea If We'll See Him Play During The Restart

Well, this isn't great. Obviously you hope this is nothing too serious and all is fine with Zion and his family since it's so vague. But really this sucks for the NBA and the restart assuming Zion misses a game or two. Remember there are protocols in place for players to leave and get back into the bubble, with quarantine based on how much time they missed, etc. The Pelicans play in the very first game of the restart on July 30. There's a decent chance that we don't see Zion for that just based on travel and protocol. Remember, the whole point of the '22 teams' restart was the awesome conspiracy theory that the NBA just wanted to see Zion vs LeBron in the playoffs. I say awesome because any sports conspiracy is awesome: 

Obviously Zion draws numbers and that's the game here. You want as many viewers as possible, it's a business, all that good shit. It's not exactly a secret. So I hope we get to see Zion back in the bubble and playing as many of the 8-games as possible, because, this is what he looks like now: