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Did Real Madrid Just Fuck Themselves By Preemptively Selling La Liga Champion Shirts Before They've Won The League?

Let's just start this off by saying fuck Real Madrid. Fuck all of La Liga as far as I'm concerned. It's bullshit that all of the best players in the world feel like they have to complete some Shawn Micheals "boyhood dream" bullshit and go play for Real Madrid or Barcelona. There's nothing special about going to one of those big Spanish clubs and winning everything. It's pretty much the equivalent of KD joining the Warrior except it happens every. single. summer. Those teams have been winning shit for decades with or without adding another world-class player. 

*note - I am NOT angry that Eden Hazard left Chelsea for Real Madrid. I repeat, NOT angry*

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In the rush to celebrate their 34th LaLiga title, Real Madrid committed an error that they certainly hope will not come back to bite them as we near the end of the 2019/20 season.

The mistake in question saw a commemorative version of the famous white shirt proclaiming the capital club as league champions appear on the club's official store website at midnight. Clearly, the title is yet to be won although this could be clinched on Thursday night if Zidane's troops prevail over Villarreal at the Estadio Alfredo di Stefano.

First things first, if you're out here spending $100 on a soccer jersey, why buy the 34th title on the back? That's some serious pre-crime shit if I've ever seen it. You could understand if it was the first title or the first time they've won in a while (for example; it's fair if a Liverpool fan was to get a champion jersey this year) but if you're buying the THIRTY-FOURTH installment of the shirt, you're a fucking psychopath. Just get a fucking player name on the back you fucking weirdo.

On a more serious note, did Real Madrid fuck themselves over here? Is this some sort of Gucci curse? Well, not exactly

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 1.19.38 PM.png

They're up four points on Barcelona with 2 games to play. It's a bit of an uphill climb for Barcelona but after this whole ordeal, nothing would surprise me. If Real Madrid were to bottle the league, it would be shocking but it would all be thanks to this early release mishap. 

The only thing is that Real Madrid has been scorching since the return.  9-0 since they've returned. Fucking unbelievable football being played at the Bernabeu right now. That and they have to play 18th place Leganes on the final day of the season. So barring a minor miracle, Real Madrid will still win La Liga. Wow. What a shocker. Real Madrid or Barcelona wins another league title. 

If there is a God - with any sort of self-respect - Real Madrid will do their best 2007 Mets impression (wow, burned myself there) and absolutely collapse. I know I'll be watching with bated breath as they take on Villareal today at 3 pm.