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Rice University Is Planning On Holding Classes In Outside Tents And Students Have To Bring Their Own Chairs

With all due respect to higher learning, what the fuck is this? You think I'm paying tuition to bring my own chair? I don't think so. When I pay tuition and show up to college, I sort of expect to have a chair to sit my ass in during class. I sure as shit don't expect to be sitting in some Billy Madison tent. But anyways here's an obligatory Veronica Vaughn video: 

If we're talking about bringing your own chair, you gotta show up with the good shit. None of those wooden, no arms thing. I need someone to bring a recliner. Assert dominance in the tent that this is your area. Go find a cheap recliner, slap it in the middle of the tent and you run the tent. Plain and simple. Too many people are going to show up with like a foldout lawn chair meanwhile you can take a nap during class. 

I'll give Rice credit. They are trying to find a way to get kids on campus and keep social distancing. More importantly that means Rice kids have a chance to not live at home. That's a win. But the whole class in a tent thing? Feels very Rod Belding-esque.