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College Basketball Coaches Are Trying To Force The NCAA To Stop Using SAT/ACT Scores For Players Eligibility


Live look at Derrick Rose: 

It makes sense though. Talk to your friends and see how different every high school prepares you for standardized testing and just the variance of curriculum. But if you're a Memphis fan and this gets approved you gotta lose your shit. This is the whole reason the banner got taken down from the 2008 title game and we're going to pretend like that game didn't happen. 

Now Mike DeCorucy makes a good point about the NABC:

Craig Robinson was a head coach at Oregon State and working in the Knicks front office before he took over the NABC recently. They are working on getting shit done and honestly it's all things that need to be done. This standardized testing rule - which I know everyone will freak out because of the wording of why they want to get rid of it - has been met with everyone agreeing this is the correct move. Remember, Tommy Amaker is the head coach at Harvard, pretty sure academics matter there. Plus, like Norlander says some schools have gone 'test-optional' and using other ways to admit/deny entrance. 


This would be a major shift too in ability to reclassify and things like that. We'll see what happens, but don't be surprised to see smaller things like this that really can shift the sport.