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Fellas, Could You Date Someone Who Makes 3x Your Salary?


That was the fastest answer in Barstool history. Faster than the previous record holder that held the spot for just 1 day:

Lol. Anyways, back to the question at hand: men, could you date someone who makes 3x your salary?

If the answer isn't a unanimous and resounding YES from every single person that votes then you need checked in the head because your brain doesn't work properly. With what reason would that not be a good thing? Don't give me some BS like it hurts a man's confidence or makes them feel inferior. I'll feel inferior every day of the week and twice on Sunday if that means I'm going to be rich. Can't even call me inferior cause you gotta get through my front gate and doorman to even speak to me. Listen, let me give you all a hint: money does make people happier and I refuse to be hoodwinked by the people that preach otherwise. Everything is easier with money. And if you can be with someone that makes THREE TIMES what you make, you hold on tight and don't let go.

You wanna know what my dream job is? Not to teach. Not to blog. Not to coach. I just want to be a stay at home dad without kids. Is that too much to ask? Find myself someone that has enough money that I can like, I don't know, cook and clean for her? I know that women used to be able to do that back in the day, and I'm sorry, I'm all for empowering women and all of that, but I think they might've got this one wrong. I do NOT want to have to go to work in the morning. I want to sit my backside on the couch all day. And yeah, the least I can do is have dinner ready when my rich a$$ wife comes home. Easy. I mean, in what world do you not want your spouse to make a ton of money? "Nah man, I'm looking for a girl that makes minimum wage." Get the heck outta here.

Alright gentlemen, that's how you answer the question. You say yes because money is cool. On the other hand, THIS, is not how you answer the question:

Please tell me this is troll. If it's a troll, that's really funny. If he's serious, well I know his profile picture is hard to see on Twitter but I did some research and found him in real life:


"Listen hunny, I know you make $150K and I make cold calls for a marketing company, BUT let me tell you how we can get truly rich"

Fact of the matter is, yes, I think I could find a way to date someone that makes 3x more than me. It might be tough when she picks up the bill and pays for the premium package of cable, but I think I could manage.