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Wake Up With The Best Of This Year's Rookies

When you think of this year's rookie class, obviously the first names you think about are Zion and Ja Morant. How could you not? They both are franchise altering players. Morant, the one who will deservedly win ROY has completely changed the Grizzlies in just one season. Zion is well...Zion. But the closer you look you'll see that there are a bunch of other players having great rookie seasons.

How about Kendrick Nunn and what he's doing in MIA? Guy stepped right into a starting role with the Heat and has helped them be a top 4 seed. Add that with the big balls shooting of Tyler Herro and MIA has a couple young studs. Eric Paschall is the 5th leading scorer in the class and I don't think anyone saw that coming. Lu Dort went from a Two Way contract to a starter in OKC. Brandon Clarke might be the biggest steal of the entire first round for MEM. Coby White is showing to be the point guard of the future in CHI. The list goes on and on.

The point is, this class is deeper than just Ja and Zion. It may not be the 1996 or 2003 class, but there's no arguing that there has been a bunch of great young talent that actually balled out this season. Some of these guys are going to be heavily relied upon in the bubble and I can't wait to see how they respond.