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Frog Blog 2020™️

Can't imagine having a worse day than this beetle. I honestly think I would have preferred to be eaten than to be disrespected so mightily. Clearly this beetle wanted to end it all as he marched fearlessly towards his demise. That frog wasn't hiding, the beetle knew what time it was, and he put his head down and sprinted towards Valhalla only for his own body to fail him. But what I can't get over is this picky goddamn frog. Hey bro, sorry this beetle didn't come seasoned and fried hard for ya. Oh did it secrete some toxins to make you think it was poisonous? Big whoop. It's a fucking beetle. You show me a delicious beetle and I'll give you 10,000 frog dollars on the spot. To add insult to injury he goes all THIS IS SPARTA and sends this beetle into the pit of doom without hesitation nor remorse. Just all around one of the more disrespectful videos I think I've come across during all my years of internetting. Either eat me or leave me alone, but let me have my dignity I don't ask for much.