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Wake Up With Spielberg Being Passed Over for an Oscar Nomination for Directing “Jaws’

A buddy of mine sent this to me yesterday. And I’m stunned I’d never seen it before. Because holy moly, what a time capsule item this is. A young Steven Spielberg, fresh off inventing the Summer Blockbuster. An experience that nearly broke him. Sitting on the biggest hit in movie history. Filming a home movie of himself not getting a Best Director nomination. The 1976 equivalent of Facebook Live-ing yourself. And randomly being joined by the guy who played Willie “The Corleone Family Has a Lot of Buffers” Cicci and Gazzo, the loan Shark Rocky Balboa worked for. Just surreal.

Also, Spielberg’s point about success backlash is well taken. Everyone loves a winner. But they hate a WINNER. It’s just such a shame he’d never make another successful film.