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We As A Society Should Never Get The Cold Trickles From A Shower Again

I was in the shower and a light bulb went off that I finally wasn't a victim of the shower being cold when I first step in. All of you morons that say why don't you just wait till it heats up. First, I don't want my ass just in the open like that waiting for the water, two the tempature should never be under the snout. Yes I said the snout because that is what I have called it for years. Thats tnot the point of the blog though. Everyone telling me to waste water and wait for it to heat up, no. I will not do that because all of us are programed to just let these shower makers win. Life doesn't have to go on like most normal showers we can all change it and I will tell you it is exhilarating being in the shower while the water starts to come out of the snout. It will change your life and when you have this happen to you please let me know how great of a time it was. Then bring an oreo in there and you'll live inn the shower.