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Legs Feed The Wolves, Boys. Legs Feed The Wolves

Necessary? I'd venture to say no. But you know what--I'm sick and tired of just seeing videos of little kids working on their dangles these days. No offense to Pavel Barber. I love the man and think he's a wizard. But we've got an entire generation of hockey players right now who are infinitely more focused on their hands than they are with their legs. Just look at a kid like Jack Hughes. 1st overall pick in the NHL Draft and the kid looks like the only time he squats is when he has to take a shit. 

So maybe if we start glorifying more videos like this instead of absolutely filthy dangles, then the next generation of hockey players will realize that the legs feed the wolves. You think a guy like Marty St. Louis would have got to where he was without the help of having a pair of redwoods for legs?



Think again, cowboy. The man had 1033 career points in the NHL and he could probably leg press 1050.

So put all the stickhandling equipment away. All you need is a rope, a tree stump, and the mentality of an absolute savage. Those right there are the 3 keys to becoming a fuckin' all star. Nothing more, nothing less. Get some.