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The Longtime Voice Of The Redskins Abruptly Retired Today, Ahead Of The Rumored Nuclear Bomb Article About The Organization Set To Drop Tomorrow


None of this is a coincidence. First the minority owners announce they want to sell. Then two high-level execs are unceremoniously fired last week. Then rumors begin swirly there is a hit piece on the way from the Washington Post. Then Larry Michael, the long time voice of the team, retired out of nowhere today. No fan fare from the team, not even a Tweet. Nothing. I mean, if you are a Skins fan, you know Larry Michael. He is the frontward face of the team on the media side. Skintangibles! And the day before the WaPo hit piece is set to drop, he jumped ship. This is...strange. No, that's an understatement. This is flat out bizarre. 

The rumors of what to come tomorrow vary from "bad" to "very bad". Nobody in Skins media is officially "breaking" the story because nobody knows the details. All the evidence points to it being a systemic top to bottom toxic organization in every way possible. The million dollar question is if there is evidence that shows Daniel Snyder knew or was involved, and let it happen. And that's what we find out tomorrow. Is this the beginning of the end for Lil Dan Dan? Some think so. Others aren't so sure. Tomorrow could be a very, very weird day. Stay tuned my friends.