Somehow The NFL's Sack Leaders (Steelers) Were Left Off Madden's Top 10 Pass Rush List

54 sacks in 2019 as a team and not one pass rusher to show for it on the Madden 21 Top 10 pass rush list. Hmmm. Watt the hell is goin on here?

Two guys in the top-10 in sacks individually in TJ Watt (14.5 and top 5) and Bud Dupree (11.5). Not to mention my guy Cam Heyward with 9 of his own on the D-line. No other team in the league had multiple guys in the top 10 in sacks besides...the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

Shit like this happens every year, but those are just the facts. Having these dudes as low as they do is a total sham, and TJ knows it. 


Can't get too upset about it because Madden has continued to plateau for oh i don't know the past 10 years at least, and is no where near in the same conversation as NBA 2K or even FIFA. But in these trying quarantine times with no sports, what else are we going to bitch about? 

Fact of the matter is here, as I plainly stated, Madden got this one wrong.