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The NBA Doesn't Want You to Know That Damian Lillard Is Staying In a 2,000-Square Foot Presidential Suite

With today being Damian Lillard's 30th birthday, his teammate C.J. McCollum helped him celebrate by decorating the door of his hotel room at the NBA's bubble in Disney World. The NBA posted a similar picture, but see if you notice any differences between the two photos.

That's right, the NBA took the time to edit the words "presidential suite" off Lillard's door and hoped nobody would notice that the star players are getting preferential treatment. Did they really think people didn't already know this?

If you thought LeBron was going to stay in the same hotel room Rajon Rondo referred to as a "Motel 6" upon his arrival — despite the fact that the Lakers are in the best hotel available and the room is still more than adequate — you are sorely mistaken. I guess they have to make it seem like everybody's playing by the same rules, even when we all know that's not really the case.

And if you're interested in what that presidential suite Lillard is staying in looks like, let's just say it doesn't look like the worst place to spend a couple months.

Now THAT is what I call a hotel room. If that's what Lillard has, can you even imagine where LeBron is staying? The NBA probably put him in one of the mansions in the secret neighborhood on Disney property.

It looks like averaging 26 points per game does come with a perk or two, after all. Nobody show that to Rondo.