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An Open Apology For My Alligator Blog Earlier Today

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Every once in a while you write something that you're not proud of. Earlier this morning I wrote a blog about an alligator attack that was, for lack of a better word, atrocious. The title didn't represent the video and the video stunk. I liked the idea of an alligator attack so much that I tried to will it into existence by making the blog about how bad the attack was, which makes zero sense. I published anyway and much to my horror the blog has been number one on the site for most of the day...

Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 1.55.51 PM.png

...and for that, I apologize. Accountability is an important part of being a blogger and I will hold myself to a higher standard. I'm going to leave you with five blogs that are much more deserving of the number one spot than the blog currently occupying it. 

Here they are: 

Hopefully we can move past this. Thanks for understanding. 

- Pat