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Alabama Senate Candidate Tommy Tuberville Flamed Online for 2008 Vanderbilt Loss

Former Auburn head football coach Tommy Tuberville defeated Jeff Sessions in a runoff on Tuesday to win the Republican nomination and challenge incumbent U.S. Senator Doug Jones this November. But after the absolute roasting he took from the Alabama Democratic Party about his 2008 loss to Vanderbilt, I bet he wishes that game had gone a little differently.

This was a perfectly executed attack and exactly how you have to play politics in the South. At the end of the day, there just aren't that many people who really look into policies. But if you can factually point to someone's failings as a college football coach, you've got all the opposition research you need.

And "You lost to Vandy" is something that not many men can come back from — just ask Butch Jones.

In fairness to Tuberville, he did lose to a Vanderbilt team that was somehow ranked No. 19 and in a game which was played in Nashville, but the name alone is enough to haunt you forever. Just wait until people find out Tuberville also lost to 3-9 Connecticut during his tenure at Cincinnati.


I suppose only time will tell how willing to forgive Alabamians are for a decade-old loss to the Commodores. We just better hope Gus Duggerton never tries to run for office in Louisiana.