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Memphis Hoops Just Landed Another Top-10 Recruit - Wonder If He'll Play More Than 3 Games This Time Around?

Hey, congrats to Penny and Memphis who must be looking for all that smoke again. Remember that last year? How'd that turn out? Anywho, they just landed a top-10 recruit in Moussa Cisse, picking Memphis over LSU, Kentucky, Florida State and some more. He's one of the better defenders in the class, known for his shot-blocking ability and rebounding. 

He'll fit in at Memphis for sure, but I just wonder if he'll play more than 3 games. Remember the last time a top-10 guy landed at Memphis? You should, it just happened with James Wiseman. How'd that turn out? 

Cisse decided to reclassify back in late May. It's not exactly a huge shock he did that, as the NCAA did ease up on restrictions to reclassify and get into college hoops this year due to coronavirus. Cisse goes to high school in Memphis, which fits exactly what Penny wants to do. He wants to set up a wall around Memphis and just keep every recruit home. It's what happened in the past and now the key for Penny going forward. This is especially true considering LSU was the heavy favorite to land Cisse according to 247's Crystal Ball until recently. 

I did mention that Cisse is one of the best defenders in the class and that holds true. But he really needs to develop an offensive game. He has the ability to step out and hit a couple threes or pick and pop, but his movements on that side of the ball are always a bit slow. 

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