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Crisis Averted: Looks Like The Boys Are Still Chuckin' Some Knucks When The NHL Returns

Bad news is that it looks like hockey fights are going the way of WWE. Which, by the way, have any of you guys watched any WWE shows since they haven't been able to have fans in attendance? Just some bizarre shit. Everything else you can kind of get used to not having the fans in the building but WWE just doesn't translate. Tough scene for sure. 

Anyway, beggars can't be choosers. So if we need to watch a few shitty fights when the NHL gets going again this summer then that's still a better option to me than zero fighting at all. We're not really in a position to be demanding line brawls every other shift during these playoffs unless the boys are keeping their gloves on and rocking full fishbowls out there. A good ol' fashion donnybrook here and there would be appreciated. But I'll take whatever we can get. The world needs enforcers now more than ever, and we can't afford to let them go extinct in this moment. You want us all to become a bunch of soccer players? Didn't think so.