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Is Using A RPG Or PILA In Warzone A Simp Move?

Probably.  And by probably, I mean yes.  But put it this way, if it's legal in warfare, it's legal in Verdansk.  End of story.  You can call me Dr. Simptastic.  And if people don't agree, I dare you to call Max Halloway a Simp to his face.  DO IT.

The Featherweight with the BOOM!  A nice little quad slay for the MMA stud.  Unreal.  Also, facts only from a real life movie savant:

Good for Sir Maximus Halloway.  Great shot, somehow better guy:

Of course, anything you can do Nadeshot thinks he can do better...

Arguably better RPG shot, although I won't admit it.  Can't lay down to my subordinates..  

Game on all day today.  Chime in and squad up.

Let's cook.