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GOOD, GREAT, GRAND! Apparently Jason Kidd 'Wowed' The Knicks In His Interview And Might Actually Land The Job

Don't even tell me that Marc Berman used the word 'favorite.' I've known this game and the Knicks for far too long. I've heard the term 'favorites to land' 'favorites to become' and every other variation when it comes to the Knicks that I know they are going to make the dumb decision. It's just who the Knicks are and why I'm a miserable human being when watching the NBA. 

Here's what I don't get. This is from a source to Berman

“He has a knack for developing young guys, giving them confidence,’’ the source said. “He also knows how to win with vets and understands the pressure of big markets. And he’s fixed teams — Nets, Knicks Milwaukee.’’

Umm, the Bucks got way better after he got fired. The Nets were considered a bit of a failure with the roster they had, unless you're talking about him as a player and leading them to the Finals. I guess with the Knicks they are talking about his one year as a vet leader. That has NOTHING to do with him as a head coach. I don't get that comparison one bit. The dude is one of the greatest point guards of all time, but that doesn't mean he fixes teams as a coach. 

But of course everyone thinks that Kidd means you have a chance to land Giannis. It's just so asinine. If Giannis really wanted to play for Jason Kidd, wouldn't he you know, still be the coach of the Bucks? Is Giannis really that appreciative of Kidd moving him to the lead guard spot? Again, this just feels like the standard reach of 'player had a come up with one coach, let's link them together.' 

It's not even like I want Thibs that bad. I prefer one of the younger assistants and give them a chance to be a head coach. Every coaching hire has pretty much been 'he has a chance to land massive free agents' instead of 'he's known for building young guys and a young team.' That's the Knicks focus. They have the youth. They have more top picks coming in. Hope to get lucky and hit in the draft and then hope that player doesn't get injured and force his way out. You gotta do something different as long as Dolan's gremlin ass is running the team.