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The 2022 World Cup Schedule Has Been Released And It's Clear They Are Trying To Screw Team USA With This Bullshit

Well here it is, the dumbest fucking schedule you'll see. We knew the 2022 World Cup was going to be later in the year because it's being played in fucking Qatar. That's stupid just to begin with, but then you remember FIFA is one of the most corrupt organizations in the world and got paid to put it in Qatar. Who cares about human rights and people dying left and right? Let's put it in Qatar! 

But now it's clear they are even trying to screw Team USA even more. What US fan is going to pay attention to this during this time of the year? You know what's going on over Thanksgiving and December? College football, NFL, college hoops, NHL and the NBA. Yeah, people are going to be locked into the World Cup over Thanksgiving instead of the annual Lions shitting themselves down the stretch at noon tradition. 

The only positive from this is the timezone difference. Games are starting at 6am Eastern, meaning we get early morning beers if the US is on at that time. Last game being at 3pm is kinda nice too for those days where we get soccer on the entire morning and football/hoops on at night. Those few days will be awesome, but this schedule is still so stupid. The World Cup should ALWAYS be during the summer and never in Qatar. Feel like that's not too big of an ask. 

And yeah I'm confident in Team USA. We're silly. No way do we choke against Trinidad and Tobago this time around, right? Look at this roster: 

Now are we France, Brazil, etc? Nope. But we can be like the Nuggets. A bunch of young guys that can be the 3-4 seed in the West without being a 'true' title contender. I'll take that. Just get me out of group stage, make a quarterfinal and let's see what happens from there. Most importantly stop losing to Trinidad and Tobago with a World Cup trip on the line.