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Explaining The Cryptic Tweets About All The Smoke Coming From Redskins Park


Earlier this week I put up this blog about how there were lots of weird tweets coming from people who cover the Redskins (ok, I keep typing Redskins out of habit. It's like in school when you'd still write the old year on your paper even after the New Year, except the Redskins don't have a new name so I don't know what else to type, worst of both worlds).



People on Twitter are getting huffy and puffy about Redskins media not divulging more information, but it's not their information to divulge. And also, nobody wants to get the story wrong. The article was originally supposed to drop yesterday in the Post, but now it is apparently pushed until tomorrow. Mike Florio wrote today:


Pro Football Talk - These tweets presumably relate to chatter within the industry regarding a Washington Post story regarding the team. As of the weekend, it was believed the story would be published by Tuesday. It’s now believed that it will be published on Thursday.

On Sunday, the Post reported that the team had fired director of pro personnel Alex Santos and assistant director of pro personnel Richard Mann II.


Florio basically wrote a nice little teaser for the full story coming out tomorrow. From what I understand, it is very not good.

I think this just about sums it up: