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Wake Up With The 50 Greatest Goals In US Soccer History

I'm posting this because watching the US score is fucking awesome. But I'm sorry, in what fucking world is Landon Donovan's goal vs Algeria No. 40?!? I don't care if it's not the prettiest looking goal. I don't care if there are goals that are better plays. This is no bigger goal in US history. It's pretty much a goddamn buzzer beater in the WORLD CUP by one of the greatest US soccer players of all time. Pretty damn good if you ask me! I never thought I'd be so mad at a US soccer list, but here we are. So many names from these goals like Julian Green, Benny Feilhaber, Mix Diskeru, and Joe Max-Moore throughout the years, but John O'Brien was a damn good player. That dude needs more respect.

Now if you don't mind, let's watch Landon Donovan beat Algeria again: 

Chills every time. And soon it will be Pulisic and this awesome young group we have.