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Justin Thomas' Whoop Band Tracking His Heart Rate When He Made That 50-Foot Putt Is AWESOME


That was AWESOME. Seeing JT's heart rate go up and up and up to 146 as he buried that 50-footer was fantastic. Imagine how high it would've been with a crowd there? He might've touched 200. Tracking the heart rate of PGA Tour players needs to become a regular thing. I could watch clips like that Justin Thomas one all day long. Not only after the fact but I'm talking live heart rates on the broadcast as guys are standing over big shots, big putts especially. How much fun would that be to monitor? You could start placing bets after seeing who gets nervous in big spots and who's a cold-blooded killer. It's crazy because like a year ago we talked about this exact thing on Fore Play. We wanted guys to wear heart monitors to see who got nervous and when but it didn't seem possible because what pro golfer was gonna want to wear a heart rate monitor while they were playing in a tournament? And then BOOM Whoop came on the scene, detected Nick Watney's COVID symptoms and now I think all the players wear Whoop bands? I know a lot of them do. JT obviously wears one. Maybe they just have a Whoop segment or something on the broadcasts and let's start seeing some heart rates!