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Former Marquette Star Travis Diener Says He's Buying Drinks For The Entire Bar If He Wins The TBT Tonight

Alright so tonight is the championship game of The Basketball Tournament, which I personally think is one of the best sporting events around, pre or post quarantine. I watch every single game, simply for the nostalgia factor. Seeing guys like Aaron Craft, Eric Devendorf, and Darius Johnson-Odom running takes me back to the good old days. This year they even had Joe Johnson playing. Yeah, the 7x NBA all-star. I think TBT is going to be a huge thing one day....and I'm not sure what the reason that Barstool doesn't have a team anymore. I feel like Big Cat might have finally gotten to the point where he can surround himself with a better cast of characters than a 6 man roster led by Matt Walsh. 

Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 5.40.45 PM.png

Anyways, so tonight's championship game is between #4 seeded Marquette's alumni and #22 seeded Sideline Cancer. I actually didn't recognize anyone's name from college on Sideline Can. But Marquette's team is a trip down memory lane, mostly because of 2005 Marquette graduate Travis Diener. The dude is 38 years old and just likes to drink beer. He really doesn't play much, but let me reiterate, in the bubble, he likes to drink beer.

And tonight, if Marquette wins and he gets his $90,000 share, Diener says he's covering the tab for every single person in a popular Wisconsin bar for an hour. 


I mean, you can do some damage in an hour. And look, I don't know anything about Press Box but if you're in Wisconsin you gotta get your butt up there tonight. I haven't had fun in like 4 months and this seems like a blast. Watch the old ball team in the tournament, have some drinks, and then get your bar tab covered. 

Travis Diener gets it. Makes me wonder why more athletes don't do this. I'm sure Travis Diener isn't poor but I don't think he's got millions either. But if any pro athlete wanted to become an instant fan favorite, cover bar tabs for popular sports bars on wins. It'll be a drop in the bucket for you but you'll gain a fan forever, if they remember it.