2020 Redeemed: Apple Is Making a Ted Lasso TV Show


Apple TV announced Tuesday it is creating one of the greatest sports commercials of all-time into a television series with Ted Lasso. For those who have not seen or don't recall Coach Lasso from NBC's Premier League campaign, it is some of the finest advertising you will ever see.

I love Coach Lasso. I still quote him all the time when interjecting myself into soccer conversations I do not understand or when the conversation comes up of how the whole England/United Kingdom thing works.

"We're gonna beat the Cowboys, the Cowboys and Jennifer Lawrence."

"How many countries are in this country?"

"All I'm looking for is 60 percent effort 4,000 percent of the time."

I desperately need this TV show to be good, because this has the power to make my 2020 a little more bearable. I don't know if Apple ruining Coach Lasso would get me to do something as sacrilegious as switch to an Android, but I'd be forced to take some sort of action.

The trailer looks pretty damn good, so I have high hopes. Now after this show kills it, we need to re-cast "Chicks Dig the Long Ball" if the National League implements the designated hitter permanently after this season.