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In Mother Country Russia, Road Rage Incidents Are Handled By Watching A Masked Lunatic Slowly Destroy Your Car With A Sledgehammer While You Film It

Say what you want about those crazy Ruskies, but they know how to handle a confrontation. No need for a fight or physical violence or calling each other whatever the Russian word for Karen is. You simply take the punishment that fit whatever crime or moving violation that occurred. You know how we have No Fault accidents here in the good ol' U.S. of A? Well that's apparently not how they roll in Moscow. The driver in this video knew he was at fault and clearly agreed that the only fair way to settle things was by letting this masked man destroy his car with a sledgehammer Street Fighter II style while his buddy recorded it all on a cell phone.

Giphy Images.

Even if this poor son of a bitch disagreed with the sentenced bestowed upon him, you don't argue with a man that travels in Russia with a sledgehammer waiting in his car. That simple. You take your lumps, rub some vodka in it, record the entire thing for your records, and go about your day hoping that a man slowly destroying your car with the calmness of a serial killer is the worst thing that happens to you for at least the next 24 hours.

On a related note, one of my favorite gimmicks with wrestling history is when Triple H would beat the piss out of guys with a sledgehammer. No matter who he faced in main events or how many bad boy DX crotch chops he gave, I could get never get past seeing Triple H as that fancy fuck Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Then he started swinging sledgehammers into peoples' backs and he became The Game in my eyes forever more.