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The Snitching In Orlando Has Officially Begun!

It goes without saying that I would pay an absurd amount of money to know who is snitching in the bubble. I'm going to have to use my power on the internet (which is none) to call on every sort of hacker on the planet to find a way to get these voicemails public. I think that's only fair given that 2020 has been complete bullshit and the world is in chaos. You know what will help? Knowing who is snitching. I mean we all know Chris Paul is on there but I want to know who else. Is LeBron trying to snitch on every Clipper under the sun? Did someone see JR Smith sneak some girls into the bubble? I know Shams knows. In fact, I bet Woj knows but the man is on lockdown for another few weeks. Someone get that man a burner! 

All I know is this thing is like a week old and we already have "multiple tips". I would be severely disappointed if it was just guys calling in about not wearing masks. Yes, that's important but not exactly the type of tea the internet is craving. Yesterday we had our fun learning guys were breaking the quarantine rules for some delivery and whatnot but the word was nobody had used the snitch hotline yet 

Well here we are a day later and there are multiple? Doesn't add up to me. All I know is whoever is the first reporter to leak these snitches is going to be an internet hero. I'd like to take this time to remind everyone in the bubble that my DMs are open. So far today it's been nothing but weird Sixers fans with their inferiority complex so I would appreciate the change of pace.

I need to know what happened over the last 24 hour periods for that hotline to light up like a Christmas tree. Leave your best guesses in the comments.