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Alvin Kamara's Offseason Training Is Absolutely Ridiculous

Last offseason, the above video of Alvin Kamara's training routine made the rounds online. And as impressive as that is, standing on an exercise ball catching sticks by color apparently wasn't difficult enough for Kamara, so he's stepped it up a notch this year.


Standing on one foot on a moving center of gravity that's maybe six inches wide, throwing a tennis ball up in the air, catching the sticks on the right color and then catching the tennis ball again. How the hell does anybody do that?

It's always refreshing to see a quarterback make a terrible pass or a golfer shank one 40 yards into the woods because it lets you think to yourself for a moment, "I could do that." And then Alvin Kamara does things like this that remind you these people are superhumans who don't play by the same rules the rest of us do.

And for good measure, AK is bringing back the Stockton shorts in 2020. I know basketball players have recently gone a little shorter than a few years ago, but Kamara is in full-on sorority girl jogging shorts with an oversized t-shirt look. Whatever works, man.

Also while I have you here, Alvin Kamara is a generational talent and one of the most underrated players in all of professional sports and you should appreciate him more.