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Just Think About How Jacked You'd Get If You Were A Professional Water Jug Stacker

This is the issue with blogging. I just sit around all day, occasionally doing a bit of snacking here and there, and typing away on a keyboard. I've been fortunate enough to not put on a ton of blogger weight over the 6 years that I've been here, but blogging sure as shit hasn't helped me get absolutely shredded either. I'm still never going to be the first guy to pop my top off at a pool party, ya know? 

But if I was a water jug stacker? And my job was just to toss around a bunch of heavy ass jugs all day? I'd end up with arms the size of most people's quads. My biceps would wear a 32-inch waist size. Maybe mix in a few squats while I'm on the clock just so my proportions aren't totally thrown off. You wouldn't be able to pay me enough money to keep my shirt on at that point. 

Sidenote: There's nothing better than watching somebody who has perfected their craft/technique going to work. This man has water jug stacking down to a science at this point. There's not a single machine in the world that could stack quicker and more efficiently than he's doing it. It's moments like this when you genuinely get to appreciate the full potential of human excellence. It's beautiful.